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The BEST new restaurant in Round Rock is right here in central Texas and will open for voting Tuesday at the Intel Club at Dell Diamond.

Residence Inn Austin in Round Rock offers fully equipped kitchens with a bar, dining room and spa. It is an all-suite hotel where you can stretch out, relax and unwind in your own home or in one of the hotel's private suites.

If you need to beat the Texas heat while visiting Round Rock, you should visit Rock River Water Park. This small, peaceful park is not only the largest water park in Texas, but also one of the most popular in the country.

The AAA affiliate in Texas, which is partly owned by Nolan Ryan, is home to one of the best baseball fields in the state of Texas: Round Rock Rangers Field.

Round Rock is home to some of the world's most famous hand-rolled donuts, including the Texas Round Rock Donut. If you make it to Round Rock, you don't want to give up the donut, but donate the old-fashioned lemonades, ice cream and lemonades.

Join in a truly American tradition when you attend a Round Rock Express game at the State of the Art Dell's Diamond. Catch one of the best baseball games in Texas Rangers history and watch future stars of baseball.

Fans can take the best canned food to the Central Texas Food Bank to see the Round Rock Express for a free ticket. With our 50 activities in the Round Rock Guide, you can win 4 tickets to a game for $40.

Highway 45 provides access to the Round Rock area, alleviating one of the largest bottlenecks on Interstate 35. It provides 24-hour access and a safe, reliable and convenient transportation option for RoundRock residents.

The Chisholm Trail, for example, used to transport cattle in the 19th century, runs through the middle of Round Rock. To preserve the heritage of this famous crossing, Chishesol mt. Crossing Park was designed to offer visitors a simulated scene of "Chisholem" driving cattle.

You can park in the street, visit the statue, then walk up and down the rocks and follow the path to the stream. You will also find the town of Round Rock, named after a local landmark, Brushy Creek. See for yourself what this city was named after and you can visit a statue and walk along it.

Round Rock has a thriving economy, great public schools provided by the Round Rock Independent School District, and a vibrant community. Located just 20 miles north of Austin, it is close enough to be easily accessible and feel like a place in its own right.

Local events include a variety of events such as concerts, art exhibitions and local festivals. The sprawling park, Round Rock Country Club and Texas Museum of Natural History are some of the attractions in Round Rock.

We would be remiss if we did not include the world-famous Round Rock Donuts in our list of activities in the Round Rock. RoundRock Donut opened in 1926 and is best known for its Texas sweets - big confectionery that will no doubt fill you up. Here are some of the best things we've done in Round Rock, from visiting history to learning where to taste the good donuts of Texas.

Round Rock is bordered by Austin on Texas State Highway 45 and is located in the southeast of the city, north of Interstate 35 and east of the I-35. Round Rock is the second largest city in Texas with a population of about 1.5 million and shares its share of the country's most populous city with the capital, Austin. Highway 130 runs north to south through the easternmost part of RoundRock, connecting Interstate 35 north into Georgetown and going east through it.

Ten mud holes are located in Round Rock, and the University of Texas Health Science Center's Texas State University campus opened in fall 2010. The facility includes a medical school, a research center, an office building and a sports facility. The Level II Trauma Center is located next to Texas State University campus and is home to Texas A & M University Medical Center, the largest hospital in Texas.

Scott White Healthcare of Round Rock serves Williamson and North Travis counties, including the Austin-RoundRock metropolitan area. Scott White is supervised by the Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services (TDHHS) and the State Health Services Commission (SSC).

In 2016, Kalahari signed an agreement to build its fourth site in Round Rock, Texas, just south of the intersection of Interstate 35 and I-35. The location was chosen for its proximity to a variety of lifestyles - including yoga, yoga classes and fitness classes.

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