Roundrock Texas Residence Inn

This beautiful condo-style boutique hotel is located in the heart of Round Rock, Texas, just a short drive from downtown Dallas, Texas.

These spacious and well-equipped suites offer you accommodation at home at attractive weekly and monthly rents. This newly renovated SOMA suite, just a short drive from downtown Fort Myers, Florida, offers spacious, upscale two-bedroom living that will certainly add peace and comfort to your busy life. We offer long term monthly rentals in Ocean Breeze Akumal and now have the opportunity to offer a selection of values to visitors who go to and from Fort Myers FL. There are many possibilities for a longer stay, but we offer the best of both worlds: a full service restaurant and bar, as well as a private pool, spa, fitness center and spa.

Choose from a fully equipped kitchen with fully equipped kitchen, private pool, spa, fitness centre and spa. Choose from an open living room, a full-service restaurant and bar, or the spacious and well-equipped kitchen at Ocean Breeze Akumal Suite. Choose from one of the two fully equipped kitchens with a dining room or a single bedroom suite.

The hotel also sells tickets to local theme parks, including the Kennedy Space Center, and offers a rental service through Dollar Thrifty's company. Normally, you can enjoy a furnished motel room with a private pool, spa, fitness center and spa for $75 per night. Rates start at $100 per night for a one night stay or $150 for two nights in the Ocean Breeze Akumal Suite. All utilities, Internet, Directv and HBO are included in the price, as well as a full service bar and dining room.

This pet-friendly hotel features a variety of restaurants, including some of the best Texas barbecue dishes, and is just a few clicks from Point2 Beach. There is a full-service bar and dining room, as well as a fitness centre, spa and gym.

Located in the heart of Round Rock, Texas, just a short drive from Austin - Austin International Airport, this property offers a quiet, secluded environment. It is located just two blocks from Point2 Beach and close to Bank of Austin and Bergstrom International Airport. Local retailers include Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Costco, Wal-Mart and Cabana Bar & Grill, as well as a variety of local restaurants.

Fully furnished rooms with extended stay, kitchen, bathroom and gym. The hotel is conveniently located in the Plymouth and Canton, Michigan area, near the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

Renamed Nickelodeon Suites Resort Orlando in 2005, the hotel opened in 1999 and is called Holiday Inn. The hotel offers all the amenities and services of a normal holiday inn, but focuses on economy and limited service, and offers only continental breakfast and a gym. The rooms are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, breakfast buffet and a full service fitness centre.

Known as the "nation's landlord," the chain has put traditional motels and hotels under severe financial pressure by setting the standard for low - both cost and quality - prices and services. In 2006, it was renamed Holiday Corporation due to the success of the company's brands, including Holiday Inn, Holiday Inns and Holiday Suites, Inc. The new Heart of Farragut is a 1,000-room, two-story, express-style hotel located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, near the intersection of Interstate 35 and Suitland Boulevard. At the end of 2008, all companies and brands (including Holiday Inc. and its parent company Promus Companies) were spun off by shareholders and created under the new name Promus Companies. Holiday Corp. ("Promus") and the rest of Holiday Corporation (which includes Holiday Hotels and its subsidiaries such as Holiday Residence Inn and Suites) have been spun off to shareholders.

The hotel is located in a 12-acre activity-packed city park on the edge of Austin, TX Creek, just east of Parmer Lane. Together with a 1,000-room hotel, two-story, express-style, this hotel offers great views of Austin TX Brook and its bustling activities, as well as the city skyline.

Baylor Scott & White Health has several locations in the Highland Lakes, including the University of Texas Health Science Center in Austin (UT - Austin) and Baylor Medical Center. Baylor Health is one of the largest health care providers in Texas with more than 1,000 hospitals, clinics and outpatient facilities. Texas A & M Bank, the nation's second-largest private lender, is the preferred lender.

At the Clearwater Suite Hotel, you will feel right at home as we offer a variety of amenities including extension suites, private balconies and private pools. We offer great locations with security, convenience, value and amenities you won't find in a condo. Stay longer than you used to in our Clear Water Suites and stay longer to save more and even more on your monthly rate.

We have the most affordable motel in Reno and one of the most affordable motels in the state of Nevada, as we offer all three motel hotels and chaims with suites that are very similar to a small apartment. If you are looking for a hotel for a longer stay and want to book a room for a few days or weeks, you will not arrive at the Siegel Suites. We are an Extended Stay American, a motel and hotel in Chaim, which has a suite much smaller than an apartment, with a private pool, private balcony and private pool.

More About Round Rock

More About Round Rock