Roundrock Texas Holiday Inn Hotel

Round Rock tops the charts for business and leisure, and guests love the best-run city in Texas and one of the best hotels in the country. The award-winning Austin Marriott North Hotel in Round Rock is defined as superior in service and amenities and rated as the best guest satisfaction. This Austin hotel offers access to all the amenities of an Austin hotel, including an on-site exercise facility, a full-service spa, an affiliated hotel and a private pool. Pet friendly hotel with many restaurants, including the best Texas BBQ, and the largest pet spa in the world.

This beautiful property was completely renovated in May 2014 and is located in the heart of Round Rock, Texas, just a short drive from downtown Austin. The location is central, making it a perfect location for events and sporting events, as well as a great destination for business and leisure travelers.

Conveniently located off Interstate 35, Wingate Wyndham Round Rock offers stylish suites and hotels. Homewood Suites Austin - RoundRock is located just a short drive from downtown Austin and the University of Texas at Austin. This stylish all-suite hotel offers beautiful views of the Austin skyline and is also a great location for business and leisure travelers. Located in South Round Rock, just off Interstate35, this hotel is a perfect destination for events, sporting events and business travelers in the area.

Home to the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A & M University - Round Rock Campus, Round Rock is just a short drive from downtown Austin, UT - Austin Campus and Austin - Fort Worth.

Located in the heart of Round Rock, Texas, Country Inn Suites by Carlson offers 63 spacious rooms spread over three floors that make each guest feel right at home. Here you will find everything you need, including a full-service kitchen with a wide selection of food and drinks provided by PrinterOn, as well as access to all the hotel amenities.

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More About Round Rock